Join us on this journey, where Elkyma embraces a sunnier, more colorful perspective on life. Let's make every beach day a day-to-remember, with each towel adding its own happy touch. 

From sea to sand, we got you covered

  • Quick Drying Fabric

    Dries 3 times faster than a standard cotton towel
  • Highly Absorbent

    Keeps away the moisture, making sure you stay dry and comfortable after every dive
  • Lightweight & Compact

    You even forget you carry a towel with a weight of only 250g
  • Ultra Soft & Sand Resistant

    The super soft, sand resistant surface ensures the sand stays where it belongs - at the beach
  • Colorful Unique Designs

    Designs that make your everyday moments brighter
  • Eco-friendly Material

    Crafted from 100% recycled material, minimizing enviromental impact

Let's make your beach days colorful

With our quick dry and light-weighted towels you don’t have to worry anymore!

The advanced microfiber technology ensures you spend less time drying off and more time enjoying the beach. Incredibly soft and sand repellent make sure your moments are carefree. Our unique, stylish designs promise to make your beach days more fun. Each towel includes a practical pouch bag, perfect for carrying it wherever you go.